Thursday, May 21, 2015

Refashioning a Vacation Home in REVIT

The project was to replicate another building in Revit. I chose to replicate this building.
  I enjoyed a few things how the rendering came out. I was able to get creative feedback from my colleagues, and I was able to design the home how I wanted. This is how it started out before I made the modifications. 

The modifications can be seen in the following rendering without the landscaping. 

      I refashion many things from the original design. A cantilever is given for the second floor. The third floor was really removed for a more high roof cabin feel. The
design is a little fantastical because the windows separate the top structure for the bottom floor. The windows let's people enjoy the view from all areas of the living room. 

      This is the view from inside the second floor. Columns are structural members with a hot tub in the middle. The columns and the trim and copper plated. This level is mostly wood floors for cleaning ease. There is a dining area, and a lounge area is on the corner. The lights above the hot tub is an abstract chandelier that I believe needs more innovation and modern feel. 

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