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My Dream Company's Safety Manual

Chanai Inc.

Alex Hicken
Const 320
Construction Safety
May 11, 2015 

Table of Contents
Company Description        pg. 3
Company Division Purpose        pg. 3
Safety Policy Statement        pg. 3
General Contracting Firm Organization        pg. 4
New Employee Orientation        pg. 5
Continued Safety Training Plan        pg. 5
Workplace Experience Description and Safety Responsibility        pg. 5
Discipline        pg. 5
Rewards        pg. 5

Company Description

Chanai Incorporated is a firm, dedicating itself to the noblest of skill and revolutionizing the construction industry. We have done so by setting new standards for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. Our inventions let them be completely self-sustaining, obtaining electricity and water from the climate that it dwells in without requiring the utilities business of a local power plant or sewer system. We have a general contracting, manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and architectural firm.
Governments have contracted with us to build self-sustaining towers, establishing centers of new cities to third world countries and letting the people in oppressive situations find refuge. The architectural, general contracting, and manufacturing firms worked closely to design, fabricate, and construct the custom configurations of the building assemblies with our innovative products. Our aerospace engineering firm has multiple aircraft designs sold to nations and provided for the harvesting of the moisture of the air, condensing it and delivering it to drought areas of the world.

Company Division Purpose

The division of Chanai Incorporated that this safety manual is produced for is the general contracting firm. The unique products and designs of our business and construction endeavors requires a continuous review of this manual. This company has construction projects all over the world; therefore, a greater attention to detail is important to maintain unity within the personnel. Local necessary accommodations will be given to you by your safety administrator. We are grateful for the trust of the thousands of our employees, and we take full responsibility for your safety; supplying your safety equipment, providing training, and health support for a most productive corporation. Contact your safety administrator. If you have any requests or ideas to express, don’t be shy. We will not be shy, giving you the opportunities as everyone else and raising the standard of employee safe according to personal needs.

Safety Policy Statement

The high standard of safety precautions are designed for a competitive advantage over other companies. Our accident free environment reduces inefficiencies and the security promotes productivity. Please cooperate and contribute to the innovative application of technologies for your personal safety. We don’t want anyone to lose their lives or anything from working with Chanai Incorporated. Everything is designed for the prosperity of the corporation and the individual.

General Contracting Firm Organization

This is company organizational chart, showing safety positions and chain of command of the general contracting firm of Chanai Incorporation. Each site/project will be served by at least one safety administrator to ensure that the construction site is safe. He can be consulted for support, provide equipment, teach procedure, and do many roles as developed by top management. The nature of these administrators will be friendly to foster a productive innovative environment. A welcome open relationship with them will be encouraged. The head safety manager will provide the support that you need through your personal administrator.  Your safety administrator will be consulting every member of the site to have an overall perspective, receiving feedback from all members of the company’s organization.

New Employee Orientation

The new employee will have a mentor that will introduce the individual to the culture of the company and the technology of the workplace for three months. This three month program will include an OSHA 10 certification.

Continued Safety Training Plan

The safety administrator will have an open forum and an instruction period each week in regards to safety for one hour, and the individual will be monitored and held accountable by the head safety manager. Safety procedures will be introduced in a later section.

Workplace Experience Description and Safety Responsibility

In Chanai Incorporated, the engineers of the manufacturing firm seeks for the efficiency of the construction. The assembly of each building is very customizable; however, the company will anticipate the processes of the construction thereof. The pieces will be given with a standardized assembly method. This standard assembly method will be explained to the technician.
The safety precautions will be given by the safety administrator in behave of the head safety manager, who will be held accountable by the Chief Executive Officer, which held employees lives in mind as his own. These three individuals will take responsibility of your safety.

Chanai Incorporated will have strict enforcement of safety procedures because most accidents can be avoided. A number of tolerated accidents will be given before termination of employment for the following types of safety violations: Other than serious, serious, and willful violations. Five other than serious safety violations each month is tolerable without termination of employment. One serious violation is within tolerance each month without termination of employment. No willful safety violations will be tolerated, and Chanai Inc. will terminate the employment of that individual, who willfully violates the safety standards of the company.

Chanai Incorporated will financially compensate an employee five percent of the money that the individual saved the company for any innovative safety suggestion that is implemented company wide by the head safety manager. 

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