About me

My name is Alexander Hicken. The picture to the left a portrait of me at the track of Brigham Young University - Idaho. It is symbolic of my background because I am currently the track and field coordinator of the school. My shirt signifies that I served a two year full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
My achievements over my past ten years of long distance running his qualified me for the position as the track and field coordinator. 
You may wonder how this has helped me with my goals in architecture. Architects are not specialists in all the details of the construction and design of a product, and they collaborate with engineers and designers in the development. it is the same for Track and Field. I have assembled specialist in sprinting, high jumping, long jumping, middle and long distance events, throwing events, and hurdles. I have been able to craft the track and field program with the specialty of my coaches.

I love writing, and this link will teach you my belief on proper running form. 

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