Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blanco House

My cousin asked me to design a house for them of this floor plan.

Here is how the exterior looks.

The second project is the Blanco Home. When my cousin saw that I am learning Revit, seeing my rendering, she wanted me to help her design her future home. This folder has a few things that I have done for the house. These pictures show the Master Bedroom. Since the square footage is not set, I asked the client what they wanted. They indicated that they would like their master bed room to be about 250 square feet, and the entire house to be about 3000 square feet. This is why I am started with the Master bedroom. The design of the bedroom is inspired by my cousin’s Pinterest board. She said that she has been putting together ideas for more than 5 years. A lot of the inspiration of the design of the room is from the Master bedroom Pinterest board. I put the sliding glass window in because it seems that she likes a lot of natural light in the room from the pictures in the board. Another picture shows me practicing putting decal in the picture frames. I got this bed from Revit City to show my cousin the possibilities. My cousin really liked the fireplace. She provided me the floor plan, and the colored area is the master bedroom. I am guessing that the house will me much bigger than 3000 square feet, since the bedroom is 250. I put trim around the top, bottom, and skylight, which I designed. The trim and the skylight is the latest additions to the master bedroom of the cousin.

Framing a House

The third project is the pictures of my work in my framing systems Construction 120 class. We built a miniature house. I played an active role in the building of the entire house from the foundation work to the framing, the sheathing, and roofing.

TI of a Warehouse

The first is the project that I was taught the program of Revit on in ARCH 190. I designed the Tenant Improvement according to customers’ requests. An rendering is provided for both the warehouse and the TI, and a couple PDFs of my building plan making skills is in this folder too called 190 Warehouse and TI.

Here is the foundation plan of the warehouse that we built.